What we will learn


Selection Tools

  • Marquee Tool is used to select areas of standard geometric shapes like reactangle and oval

  • Choose the Marquee Tool. Click and drag over the graphic area that you want to select

  • To deselect the selected area, press Ctrl + D

  • Lasso Tool is used to select areas of irregular shapes

  • Choose the appropriate Lasso tool and use freehand trace to outline the area of selection

  • Magic wand Tool is used to select a particular color
  • The Tolerance Level is adjusted. The Lower the value the smaller area is selected

  • Quick Mask Mode in the Toolbox is used to paint over the selected area.

  • When you return to the Standard Mode , the painted area is selected

Selecting a Layer

  • Select the Move Tool
  • Right Click at the object
  • Select the layer

Refining Selections

  • Marquee Tool, Lasso Tool and Magic Wand Tool will all have the selection refining bar in their options
  • New Selection is used when you first draw a selection
  • Add to selection is used when you want a newly added selection to join up with the old selected part
  • Substract from selection is used when you want the newly drawn selection to be deleted from the drawn selection
  • Intersect with selection is used when you want the common region between the old and the new selection to be selected

Softening Selection's Edges

  • For Marquee and Lasso Tool you will have a feather option in their Options Toolbar

  • Choose a feather eg. 20
  • Use the Marquee or Lasso Tool to Draw a selection

  • Right Click > Layer via Cut

  • You Layer Panel will now have 2 layers
  • Delete the bottom layer ( the layer with the part of the picture you do not want)
  • Add a new layer and plce it below the feathered section. Fill it with a color or gradient

Transforming a Selection

  • Make sure that Add to selection is selected
  • Draw a selection
  • Press Crtl + T
    Edit > Free Transform
  • Make the Tranformation
  • Press Enter and Crtl+D to deselect

Copying and Pasting Selections

  • Select and area
  • Select the Marquee tool or Lasso Tool
  • Right Click
  • You can choose Layer via Cut or Copy to duplicate selections
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