What we will learn


Applying Gradients

  • Select the area where you want to apply the gradient
  • Select the Gradient Tool under the Fill Tool
  • Select a Background and Foreground Color
  • Go to the Fill Tool Options Bar
  • Select the type of gradient you want : Linear, Radial, Angle, Reflected or Diamond
  • Select the Type of Color pattern you want
  • Click the Drag over the selected area

Creating Gradients

  • Double Click the Gradient pattern
  • Gradient Editor will open

  • Give your new gradient a name
  • Choose a Gradient Type : Noise or Solid
  • Choose a Smoothness Percentage
  • Choose the bottom stop (arrows) to select colors

  • Choose the top stop (arrows) the select opacity
  • If you want to add more stop points just click in the position you want to add them
  • If you want to delete the stop points, click and drag away the stop
  • Press OK if you have created your desired gradient
  • If you want to Add you gradient Click the down arrow

  • Click the Circle Arrow
  • Select New Gradient
  • Give it a name
  • Your new Gradient will be added to the rest of the gradients


Applying Gradient Fill Layer

  • Go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Gradient
  • Give it a new name
  • Press OK
  • Choose the Gradient, Angle and Style
  • Press OK. You Picture will have a gradient fill

Applying Patterns

  • Select the Pattern Stamp Tool
  • Go to the Stamp Tool Options Bar
  • Choose the pattern

  • Start painting with the pattern you have selected

Creating Patterns

  • Select a portion of the picture that you want to convert to pattern
  • Go to Edit > Define Pattern
  • Give the new pattern a name
  • This pattern will now be added to the preset pattern list
  • Go to Stamp Tool optins bar and you will find your pattern there
  • Using the Pattern Stamp Tool start painting with your newly created pattern

Using Pattern Maker

  • Select a portion of the picture

  • Go to FIlter > Pattern Maker
  • Pattern Maker Screen will open. Click Generate

  • If you want to see more types of pattern, click Generate Again

  • After you have found the right kind of pattern click OK.
    You will have the pattern filled in your graphic.

Applying Pattern Fill Layer

  • Go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Pattern

  • Give a new name for the layer

  • Choose a pattern fill

  • The pattern will be filled on the graphic

  • The layers panel will show a new layer with the pattern and a mask on the layer

  • Click the Mask
  • Use a Black Foreground and start painting to reveal the picture underneath
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