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Toolbox houses icons for many uses.
Every toolbox icon has an options tool bar





Marquee Tool


  • Marquee tool : Used for selecting areas with specific geometric shapes like rectangle or oval

  • Marquee options toolbar





Move Tool


  • Move tool : used to move objects or areas selected within a layer





Lasso Tool


  • Lasso Tool: used to defined non-geometric shapes

  • Lasso options toolbox





Magic Wand Tool


  • Magic Wand Tool : used to select areas with similar color

  • Magic Wand options toolbox




  • Magic wand tool selects the area with similar color tone.

  • Tolerance option is used to vary how much you can select with this tool





Crop Tool


  • Crop Tool : used to cut up and select your graphic

  • Crop options toolbox






Slice Tool



  • Slice tool : used to defined areas in a web page

  • Slice tool is used for webpage designing





Restoration Tool


  • Restore Tool : used for touching up graphics

  • Restore Tool options



  • Healing Brush tool:
    Press Alt to choose the region to copy.
    Click in the region you want to paste.

  • Patch Tool:
    Click Source in the options toolbox and draw an area to copy
    Click destination and move the copied area to the desired place.





Drawing Tool


  • Drawing Tool

  • Brush tool is used for painting or selecting areas in the quick mask mode
  • Drawing Tool options





Stamp Tool


  • Stamp tool

  • Stamp tool options






History Brushes Tool


  • History brush Tool

  • History brush tool paints the graphic as it was a step before in the History

  • Art History Brush tool can be used to apply various effects from the Art Periods

  • History Brush Options Tool






Eraser Tool


  • Eraser Tool

  • Eraser options tool



  • Eraser Tool : normal eraser tool and upon erasing it will reveal the background.

  • Background Eraser Tool: Upon using this it will make the area transparent.

  • Magic Eraser Tool: It will erase the area with the same color tone.





Fill Tools


  • Fill Tool

  • Fill tool options






Distort Tool



  • Distort Tools

  • Distort Tool options






Exposure Tool



  • Exposure Tool

  • Dodge Tool: Makes the area lighter
  • Burn Tool: Makes the area darker
  • Sponge Tool: Makes the area more contrasting

    Exposure Tools options







Type Tool



  • Type Tool

  • type tool options






Pen Tool



  • Pen Tool

  • Pen Tool options





Shape Tool


  • Shape Tool

  • Shape Tool options





Annotation Tool



  • Annotation Tool

  • This tool is used for adding notes for your own reference


  • Annotation Tool options






Eyedropper and Measure Tool


  • Eyedropper and Measure Tool


  • Eyedroppper and Measure Options







Hand Tool



  • Hand Tool

  • When you zoom until it spreads beyond the screen, you can use this hand tool to shift your around your picture.



Zoom Tool




  • Zoom Tool

  • Press Alt to make zoom in or out
  • Zoom Tool options






Background and Foreground Swatches


  • Swatch Tool

  • Swatch Tool Options will open when you click on either the Background or Foreground Color



Mask Modes

  • Mask Modes
  • Standard Mode
  • Mask Mode
  • Double Click on the Mask Mode icon to open the Mask Mode Options
  • Make sure that the foreground color is black is you want 100% opacity with no degree of transparency
  • Choose white as the foreground if you want to erase the selected part
  • Color tones between Black and White as the foreground color is used to vary the transparency of the area selected.

View Modes

  • View Modes
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