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year-end reading list

27 Nov 2009 on Musing

It was almost 3 years back that i set myself to read one book every 3 days! And yes, eventually i did manage to read 100 books for the year 2007 as I was only a student with loads of free time. Over the years, i started to get a lot of reading content from feeds and podcasts as well, and naturally the book count went down. So i have reviewed my reading rate to make it sustainable for the long term - It shall be one book per week! With the 5 remaining weeks of the year 2009, i have a line-up of very interesting books to read during the quiet Sunday afternoons or during the long commuting hours.


Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan This book is in the league of science and philosophy and it reminds me of authors like Richard Feynman or Stephen Hawking and i have loved reading these authors. Should be an interesting read!

Great Speeches of Modern India I bought this book at Crosswords in Kolkata, but never had the chance to read it. It is filled with speeches from Gandhi, Nehru during the pre-independence days to Amartya Sen and Sonia Gandhi today. It will really give me a glimpse of thoughts behind the leaders of India.

Time Traveler’s Wife I wanted to see the movie but i have not watched it yet!! While watching the trailer i knew i had to read this romantic novel. And no, i ain’t a romantic novel lover :P

Rise and Fall of Third Reich This book is undoubtedly one of the master pieces of WWII history. It’s a very thick book and so i think I will take some time on this one. But it should provide a lot of insights on the world today.

Smashing Magazine Book I bought this book online!! I have always loved reading their online posts on design and web and i’m very sure the book will be great! But i’m waiting for it to be shipped to me :) So i shall put this as the last book to read for the year 2009! So there are the 5 books - it has a great mix of science, history and design. I shall start with the Pale Blue Dot, the earth that we stay on…