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08 Oct 2005 on Musing

Yeah!! I am creating better and better flash animations in shorter time!! I’m so proud of my creation…aka my baby!! I think i have watched it for 50 times and i’m STILL not bored and it’s only one minute!!

Anyway a big learning point: Flash created the one minute animation for 5MB and when i exported it to a *.avi movie it was 2GB with bad bad image and sound quality….WOW!!…I rather stick to vector graphics of Flash…….I LOVE FLASH!!!!

But then i realised i really forgot Action Script…what command to use to open a doc with a button??…i tried goToURL with a valid and complete path C:.…….doesn’t work!!

ok mother and daughter are opposites….she’s a shopping lover and while i’m fine with anything man….sui bian. **And look what she bought for her darling daughter….A **NIKE SANDALS!!!!!!! …..she’s very brand conscious hahha!!….of course you guys look out for it in school…she demands that i wear it every day and throw away my unbranded sandals…wow!!!!!