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when it seemed all perfect… but it’s not

27 Dec 2005 on Musing

All these while the world seemed perfect about the way you worked and about the way it seemed to work until one fine day it’s all gone and the whole wide world thinks you are absolutely wrong and you are finished for the rest of your life – there’s no turning back and the society is no way gonna forgive you. No repent, no forgiveness and you have eternally drowned in the sea of shame and guilt until your death. I’m talking about NKF and T.T. Durai. I shall not say who is right or wrong because I never comment on issues that I do not know in detail and the detailed internal workings. But instead I shall take it as learning lessons in life.

  1. Always question about why you are getting certain perks in your working life. Unless it’s from your parents and loved ones and your own profit-driven business… always question. It’s not an age to be satisfied with the perks you get… but then again how can one resist temptations. Be contended with the minimal comforts. My mom always says that nothing is free in life expect for the nature’s beauty and the love of your dear ones.

  2. Money makes the world go crazy and mad… always be transparent, objective, honest and clear in the financial reports. Never hide monetary flow within the organisation and your stake-holders (donors in this case). Having said that don’t also display your financial reports to anybody freely. Know who to show these financial statements and who not to show in your business or personal dealings. Oh no! I have not taken any financial accounting module!!!

  3. Never hold an autocrat – dictator leadership style. Always allow a free flow of ideas and encourage healthy debates and rebuttals and strive for a group consensus. Although it feels good to have this aura of immense persuasive power to bring people into your way of thinking, it may all be wrong in the long run. Even if it may all seem right for years, it may all be wrong in the long run. You always want the whole world to think like you, but now you cannot!

  4. Anger and impulse – never make any decisions in this temperament. In fact, avoid being so with as many people as possible because they create enemies out of nowhere. In your worst days people will remember them and attack you. Control extreme emotions – anger and tears.

Having said all these also be aware that once in a while you will break them… just make sure you break them very very few times. And just hope that you never fall so hard because in life not everything gives you a second chance to start fresh.

After all nobody is perfect