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when dreams come true...

13 Feb 2008 on Musing

So there was I…

as a gal of 14 probably, sitting in the canteen during her French class break. Monsieur Lim just went through a passage about technology and the TGV. And she sat there wondering, “Wouldn’t it be really great, if one day I can go to France to work on technology?” Yes i did have that thought once…naaahhh…. technology…. engineer… too complicated stuff for her.

and then again… students exchange programmes during those undergrad days. Wouldn’t it be nice to study and travel for a while in foreign countries and meet people from all around the world. naaahhh totally out of question… too expensive. And of course, then she saw so many graduation trips… wanted to join her friends… well can’t.

But you know, it’s only when you have thought of something, dreamt of something once, that it ever comes true as a wish granted somewhere in the future. And yes, a decade later now i do have that exact chance. 

Now that i finally have my Schenghen visa, I’ll be going to France for 3 months to work on automatic controls and communication systems. It’s weird i tell ya. Of all places that i had to start my travel stories, it has to be France. And of all reasons for traveling, it has to be working on engineering. And maybe just maybe, it’s all because of that wishful thinking i once had. Well… that’s when i say keep dreaming coz dreams do come true!

coz dreams do come true!!