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Walking into those good ol’ days!

17 Nov 2005 on Musing

I was cooped up in my room for the past 3 days, so my mom urged me to go out for a walk. I went around my block and a bit further away until I could see my primary school building. It’s no longer my primary school now…it’s elvin’s primary school. Since it’s the school holidays it was totally deserted. I went near the back gate and Hola!!! It was OPEN…I just happily strolled into the deserted quiet premise and memories came back flooding…

I took some pics with my hp. The building architecture is still the same but time changed it somehow. But I could still feel the noise around me.

The indoor where we had flag-raising during rainy mornings.

The front porch…

The field where daniel, xinxan, han wei and fandi played soccer bare-chested…hahhaha!!!

The deserted canteen where there was 50c bee hoon and I started my craving for seaweed…

And anyway I realised they are going to demolish the building soon. I wanna go back tomorrow for a morning walk again…and this time with a better camera and I’ll explore deeper into the school premise. Hopefully the back gate will be open to welcome me once again…probably for the one last time before the building is demolished.

I love you KBPS…those 1996 days!! Gosh!! It’s almost 10 years… so fast????

Back to mugging…nothing is going into my head. But at least my mind is refreshed!