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Visiting Alma Mater

28 Jul 2006 on Musing

“Good morning Mrs Tay, Mrs Tan, Teachers and fellow Cedarians. Here are the announcements for today.”

As we walked across the courtyard, we all instantly remembered this. As we came across the hall, we remembered the camping night. I even remembered which hall lock didn’t creak and that lock STILL didn’t creak!! We remembered the conference room where we ‘tortured’ our juniors… hehe kidding we were nice people :P

Today we went back to visit after 6 years of leaving the school. The blue-grey uniformed teenagers were all strangers. Some teachers were still there and most recognised this notorious bunch..hehe! Even the wanton mee uncle recognised me! But i’m just wondering what’ll happen say after 10 years… 15 years later. There won’t be anybody to go back for. Juniors, teachers, canteen vendors… all will change.

And so i was wondering how will I still fit in…

I think i would fit in really well… because as we walked around the campus we felt as if the sturdy building itself spoke a lot to us. And it will still speak to me for years to come… because every corner of this brick and cement has a story that is only mine mine mine!