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Trying out!

23 Dec 2005 on Musing

I went to gym 11 out of 12 days to try out EVERY SINGLE different type of 30+ classes. Almost done but I still have a few dance and cycling classes left. I’m not crazy…hehe! Just making full use of it while the hols last! And the best part?!?!…I still got to eat tako pachi and choc brownies with fitness partners…yum yum! And here are the random workout awards from Sweska’s perspectives!

Most Challenging: Yoga Yes…it’s good old yoga but try doing 20 Sun salutations continuously…i bet you’ll be sweating and wobbling man! And after that do all the series of warrior and triangle poses…huff and puff…

Most Pro-feeling: Body Pump Felt like a pro carrying long rods, weight plates and steps to work out!! Never knew weight lifting could be this fun! Lifting barbells and doing bench press, shoulder press…blah blah. Guess how much i was carrying?!?!??!….2 KG and i was dieing 1/2 an hour into the class, while this guy beside me carried 20 kg….10 times more @(*#&^#&*^#* !!!!! 

Most Crazy: Latino Jam And I LOVED latino jam… coz I like the funky and groovy instructor… he was the same one as Amore and I THINK he recognised me and went…ooooohhhh traitor traitor…hehe! Anyway I could not obviously catch up with all the groovy shakes, so the last 1/2 an hour I was just shaking and turning and trying to act like shakira hopelessly… ledole lele!

Most sweat-out: Body Combat This is very similar to Kick boxing or cardo kick… you really sparkle with sweat at the end of it… just love it!!

Most soul-to-divine connection: Body Balance A combination of pilates, yoga and tai chi… om namaste! Tried Tai Chi for the first time and I can only marvel at the similarities and the reasons of yoga and tai chi - a remarkable reminder how the world essentially thinks the same way! And I just loved the music - energising and relaxing!

So that was my basic first 2 weeks…love it!! Today i went in the evening and it was crowded… I still prefer the mornings!! Saw some machines that i have never seen before and saw some really HUGE big weight plates… reminded me of the times when fen and me were first trying out the machines and we clanged and banged a few weights in Amore - it’s good to have paiseh partners with you!

Sigh…2 more weeks to school opening…

Current Goal: Must TRY to go for those morning classes even during term time!!

Current Mood: Excited about the up-coming all girls outings!!!!