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Travelling the world with Google Earth…

27 Nov 2005 on Musing

I’ll be rotting in Singapore for the whole of hols…but hey!! I found a unique way to travel around the world… Google Earth is so cool!! I finally got time to explore it…and I decided to visit my friends all around the world. And Anand…Prince William and him are kind of neighbours..hehe! They stay quite near each other.

And Elaine!!…did I locate you correctly!!??!

And fen…in Berkeley. Your Campus is kind of huge?!?!?!


I wanna travel to more places. Check out Grand Canyon!!!!!!… It is ACTUALLY mapped in 3D. Try tilting the plane and ‘flying’ over it. It already gets you so excited and the real thing will be so much much much much more breath-taking…

Or the Mount everest… whhhhhhoooooooooppppppieeee!! I’m on top of the world looking down at creations and the only explanation I can find…

Or the Eiffel Tower…I’m standing on top of Paris with that special guy!

And guess what Art Centres are these!?!??! Have to explore and locate them…coz they are not marked!


Some places are like NYC, Berlin or Moscow are well mapped with even street names. But some like Singapore are NOT so you literally need to fly and explore. It gets you quite knowledgeable about the orientation and geography of the whole world! And this is something to think about…we are so small…so so small. Man is so insignificant and small in the face of the universe… let’s zoom zoom zoom in to Engineering Faculty, NUS. Can you see me?!?!? Obviously NOT…it’s the HOLS!!!!!!!!