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Travel pics!

15 Apr 2008 on Musing

Hola friends!

got a back log of pics… so must post them now! And this time it’s the pics from Belgium, Netherlands and Germany! Nope, my personal pics are barely enough expect for Berlin and Brussels where I had the luck to meet my 2 good school friends and they helped me take pics. Oh no! I just realised I have no evidence of Amsterdam visit :P But then again, in 2 weeks my parents will also be here with a DSLR *cross finger* and i can’t wait for that as well.

Been really good travelling and learning so much… i’m having a ball of time! Till i update you guys once more in a months’ time, buzzzz moi if u need some stuff from here ;) other than chocolates i got for you all (i hope i don’t finish them!!)… and i shall be returning to Singapore at the end of May… fast isn’t it?

enjoy my adventures till now… in next update there’s gonna be luxembourg, south france, black forest in Germany, the Alpes… who knew I could do all these so soon? Well, yes it’s all happening ;)