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These Youngsters

17 Aug 2006 on Musing

When i surf around… i come across awesome talent, creativity and most importantly bravery to plunge into something never ventured before. I am inspired and stunned by their imagination and determination. But even more stunning is their age… they are so young. Ok correction - as old as me and barely into their 20s. And i truly salute their courage of this generation… my generation.

I would like to point out 5 lads of my generation from all around the world here who are brave enough to do something like a start-up with a unique face and even more.

  1. Cole Rise, 21 Already a stunning surrealism creator in Flickr, he goes by the name of Antimethod there showcasing brilliant textures and levitation. He has gone onto creating Flagr with his team to bookmark the whole world.

  2. Matt Mullenweg, 24 Wordpress team leader… what can i say. From my faith of wordpress, you can already see this guy’s dedication, creativity and a willingness to communicate with wordpress users.

  3. Will Pate, 22 The Flock web browser team leader venturing into the concept of social Internet browsing.

  4. Simon Pais, 20 A Chilean photographer with brilliant conceptual artistic work. I love his Flying series.

  5. Chua Uzyn, 23 A fellow Singaporean student and creator of and TodayOnline’s Feeds. Also a music lover, check out his site on Electronic Music, Gratisvibes.

So peeps!! Support them in their cause and while we see some youths out there creating a hell of troubles for the world peace, these folks are using their creativity into the right channel. I’m proud to say they are of MY GENERATION!!

Can please point out more individuals like these to me??? I wanna know their stories too :D