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The Art of Play

27 Sep 2010 on Learning

With September coming to almost an end, 2010 will be done really soon! And so, how’s the new year’s resolution coming along?

Neoteny Venture has fully defined my year! I was so lucky to have found amazing people to build up some projects that will be implemented real soon as well as I got to travel around for 2 months, and finally my school will be done in just about a few weeks! It often makes me wonder, whether all those “life long rat races” that I have always heard will ever be true for me. Certainly, it will not be true for me - I’m just lucky and I choose to be one!

If there’s ever a life to be led, I’m coming to realize that there’s simply no time to slog off real hard… Life’s just too short. And out of the billion galaxies and stars out there, how often does these atoms and molecules get to be combined in something that’s living and conscious? The chances are just as slim as life in itself. Aren’t we lucky to be living? And yet, one day we will all perish - death then surely must be our strongest motivation to truly live.

To live is to play! So how do you play?