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The All-Girls Team

22 Aug 2005 on Learning

I just had the first meeting for the EE3001 Technology Assessment with my group members. There were 8 of us…and we are a unique group. Why? We are a team of 8 GALS!!!! So, what’s the big deal?? Yeah no big deal…just that we are from the faculty of engineering in NUS. Take a glance at the gender statistics and it’ll explain …

When we entered the room to meet our mentor…”Wow!! All girls!!” Muahahahah!!!…yeah man!! Anyway, do not expect any Girl Power things from us. We are not Spice Girls + Destiny’s Child…haha!! We are as different and unique as any other group. Why do women cry out all those feminism slogans anyway?? Those who really need to be heard are silent …are shut up as they have no voice. Reminds me of the Sneha girls…

I have faith in our team. I have worked effectively with 2 of them in big scale events, 1 of them have been my ‘other half’ for the past year haha!! The next 2 are my good friends and I know their persevering working styles and the 2 others…. they are darn hard working. This is definitely an experience not to be missed in my undergrad life…yeah gals! Look out for updates from this all-girls’ team!