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Something Old & Something New

31 May 2006 on Musing

I had a really good rest doing something old and something new right in the comfort of my roomie.

Something Old: Stitching Let me see..when was the last time i did this?? Sec 2?? Yeah and that was like 9 years back!! Uh well…i guess i liked home econs too. So today after making some initial disasters with the pillow cover flower design, guess i did pretty well. Mom wasn’t that critical for once ahah!!

Something New: Scraping Now i finally understand why huiling likes scarpbooking. Well, i discovered something different though… it is digital scrapbooking. It doesn’t involve ribbons, scissors or buttons… but more of photoshop, *.png files and layers… love it!! And with the internet there are loads of freebies for digital scrapbooking. I’m being on an experimental mood now… So check out both…