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Something about Roof Tops

18 Sep 2006 on Musing

There’s something about open spacious roof tops and me. 

Maybe because i practically grew up in a house with a pretty huge spacious roof top and spent all my play-times there… with hide and seek, kite flying, little running races or even hand to hand combat fighting with gaurav.. haha!! But whatever i did it was always about enjoying the wind, the space and the sky above.

And now, after so many years i’m having yet another chance - a free access anytime to another roof top with a different city view, and yet the skies above are telling a new story every time as it always did. I’m more aware of the skies now… for the first time i’m aware which side of the sky the sun rises and sets in my school and neighbourhood.

Talking about the skies and beyond… i was reading Anousheh’s blog. She’s the first space traveller and just launched off a few hours back. She’s so brave isn’t it? I’m sure she’s such an inspiration to many Iranian women and more around the world. And guess what! I read from her earlier entries that she’s also an Electrical Engineer! I wonder what she’s seeing from up there right now… u think she’ll still be blogging from up there or is it possible??

And i wonder after her, whether we’ll also have a chance to go to the space. Maybe we can one day in our life time, but until then i shall watch the skies from the roof tops :D