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27 Jul 2006 on Musing

I took this shot right outside my house door… Singapore sky is indeed filled with loads of clouds. And sometimes when these clouds conceal the sun behind, it looks even more stunning… as if it’s hiding and concealing something underneath and that something is forcing itself to come out and show itself to the world

I think for the past year i have learnt a lot about what my eye can see and imagine. I first must thank Kurien for introducing me to Flickr :D I really cannot believe that once i did put up totally ugly pictures… how on earth did i do this?? But then again, that is the essence of a personal blog. It captures brilliantly how you grow and change.

And i’m still learning and got like so much to know. I have moved on from mere cropping and changing resolution of images to playing with curves and levels and balance of a photo. And right now i’m kinda feeling frustrated. As i see more and more brilliant pictures i’m constantly craving for some answers. How did he bring out the texture?? How did he make things fly so easily?? How did  she duplicated herself so perfectly??

But to get such answers we gotta do loads of experimentations and trials… and through this we learn even more. I think i like it too!! Anyway if any of you know these answers please tell me ya??  And thanks a lot for all your suggestions ;)