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Really Suay…

20 Mar 2006 on Musing

I am on a row of hitting and injuring myself since the weekend!

  1. hit my head on my study table when i was about to get up from the floor
  2. Pricked my fingers with the pointed solders at the back of the PCBs
  3. Punched the knuckles of some uncoordinated guy during Body Combat. When the hole room was going left he had to go right and punch me right on the knuckles…urgh!!!
  4. Slipped a 1kg weight and it had to land on my toes right after Body Pump.
  5. poked my palm when the screw driver slipped out of the screw.
  6. Scalded a 2mm radius skin on my finger thanks to soldering iron!!!!

But the most suay had to be a total mental shock!! There was a sudden spot check on your all your files and folders during the lab.

There was a seniors’ report in my file and it got added to the confiscated pile of other reports… How SUAY can i get!??!?! phew…time to recuperate now.