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Play my little piano !!!!!!!!!

25 Oct 2005 on Musing

oooooooohhhh!!! I’m excited! i can finally show you all Sweska’s Little Toy Piano…enjoy it over here !!! Don’t you dare tell me you could have done MORE….as i said i’m not gonna spend any more time doing all these extra features. Oh and check out uzyn’s mastermind also and it’s here! I wonder whether any of our faculty mates put up the other games like pacman, black jack and wheel of fortune…

Here’s how to play the keyboard. Middle C is the z key in the computer keyboard! Ah well and the rest you get the picture…i layed it out like the 7 white keys and 5 black keys of an actual piano!…enjoy please!!!!!

And we are FINALLY DONE with our presentation of duet piano… standing ovation for me and jazz!!!!!!!!….yeah the LEDs are standing up and they are flickering…yeah!!!!!

Yesterday was like……bleah….our serial cable BOTH BROKE!!!! and today was such a hell!!!….i had like this presentation and a dealine by 5pm which i didn’t even start until 1pm! AND on top of this i went on a series of forgetfulness. First i left my hp in E2 AGAIN!…then luckily i found it….then i left my presentation logbook underneath my jacket and i search everywhere for like 20 minutes…when i lifted my jacket jazz literally strangled me…UUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!!!!! ……and then then then i left my jacket in tutorial room….luckily thulasy was sitting at my place and she got it back for me!

But despite all these….yeah i’m really blessed to have cool friends around who’ll stay with you to bitch around and help you when you are desperately in need …i mean lilin and jia..they willing lent us their serial cables and huiling, kanghao, des willingly helped us with that 5pm dealine…..

oooooooooooofffffffffff……what a hectic and running-around day! i’m staying at home for the next 2 days… hey i’m NOT skipping school!! Tomorrow is my free day and thursday i only got a 2 hours lecture. sweska sleeps