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Pamper yourself…

24 Jul 2005 on Musing

I have tried dyeing and highlighting my hair before, so this time I tried something different…it is SOFT-REBONDING!!!! I went to Reds Hair at Taka basement yesterday and spent 260 bucks on it…there goes 1/3 of my bank savings. And the result?!?!?!….ok I do not need a comb anymore and my hair is just like what Sulo said…a shampoo ad. I can flick my hair here and there and it’ll still fall back in the same place… my parents had a good laugh when I did this. Wow!!!!….but sigh I wanted to preserve my curls and waves… they are all gone. But then again, I love experimenting and this hair they say will last for about 7 months. Until then for the first time in my life I can let down my long hair. Now for the next 2 days I cannot wash my hair and for the next 2 weeks I cannot tie up my hair…how to jog and play badminton with hair flying here and there?!?!?!? Oh yes…I also cannot go swimming because of chlorine…darn there goes my dream of getting a nice tan before school opens. In all it took me 4 hours!

Oh yuh!! Now I have Reds Privilege card… I doubt I’ll be using it within the next one year…but it looks nice in my wallet. Sitting in Reds Hair for 4 hours was interesting…never went to a posh salon before. So, I got a glimpse of the hustle and bustle of a busy Salon and the various things people do to their hair!!!! Now I also learnt that posh salons even have different categories of stylists…junior, senior and director. The prices of each service are also different accordingly. My mom had a great time observing the perks of Reds Hair as she flipped through the latest issues of Her World, Cleo and Elle.

Yes, yes I’m this typical jeans and t-shirt engine girl…but once in a year just go and pamper yourself man…especially since it’s STILL the hols. So Jazz!!!!….just go for the Jean Yip hair cut!!…school’s gonna start soon. Gosh I feel so like a tai-tai wanna- be… right Trish???… muahahhahaah….actually I am ONE!