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Old Skills Revisited

01 Apr 2006 on Musing

Cutting drilling sawing hammering sanding filling coupling bending nailing threading screwing oiling greasing riveting clamping..

I like working with wood and metal stuff…it was interesting and the workshop uncle was so so so helpful. Expect for the fact that he kept giving me heart attacks by saying, “oh this can’t be done and that can’t be done.” GGrrrrrr!!!! Oh well! Uncle thank you so much for all your help and too bad you had to keep seeing me everyday in the workshop…hehe! Too troublesome this gal! But I really hope you enjoyed looking at the running chassis on land and water and of course Hindi songs!

I enjoyed D&T more than home econs in sec 2!!! Who enjoyed D&T lessons?? I used to wonder where on earth will I use this skill…but this just reminds me of a quote by Tagore that my mom keeps reciting now and then to remind me that no skills are thrown away when I lament about wasting my time learning some ‘useless’ things like driving…

Life’s treasures are never thrown away, no matter how neglected they are in dirt and dust

It’s really amazing how you can now finally see the vision of an amphibious vehicle right from the initial paper design. And yes YK thank you for sticking with me and believing in my unbelievable ways of saying, “Oh yes we can do it!!” even though we have never tried it before. I have enjoyed sniffin’ glue and lacquer and dust while constructing this chassis with out very own hands!

One more week to the end of all the heart aches…