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Old gold pics

01 Jan 2007 on Musing

I don’t like to do monotonous mundane mechanical stuff… quite normal !!

But somehow I think I can spend hours scanning in really old family photos and editing and restoring them - old photos from mom’s and dad’s childhood. I’m glad I did about quite a lot because now hours are being spent in looking at them. Like what jethimoni says, the real fun is in looking at these photos together in a whole bunch with cousins and family.

And it’s simply amazing how each and every photo has a story and lesson. The moment I click the next button key, another huge roar of laughter comes with another new story of naughtiness of some uncle or the cuteness of some auntie or the energy of some grand uncle or the talent of some grand aunt. It’s all so nice to hear. I love hearing these stories being retold to the next generation.

Maybe I should invest in a good portable projector so that next time 10+ people don’t have to squeeze to look at my small laptop screen. Any suggestions? But then again this noisy squeezing is somehow fun too!!

It’s kinda weird too… I hadn’t realized how mom and dad has actually aged. I can see their wrinkles and grayish hair for the first time.