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off to home!

20 Dec 2006 on Musing


I’m off to another place not so far away, which i also call home! A home which was where i spent my childhood… my first home, my primary school, my first swimming lesson, my first dance class. Check out all the other bookmarked places!!

And i’m really excited that once again i’ll be meeting soooo many of my cousins and relatives and get pampered. On top of that many are also coming back home just like us. Bhaidada is coming back from Texas, and so is didibhai with my 2 cute nephews from Mumbai and bhaiti from London, mamu from Mauritius, tutundidi from Melbourne with my new bro-in-law and even dadashona is getting engaged!!

This home-coming doesn’t coincide so often with so many of us living so far away. But i’m glad we are all still so close in touch… i just can’t wait to celebrate this festive season with them and welcome the new year with a bright new spirit with the whole bunch of us!!

We got loads of stories to share - old stories, new stories, ever-lasting ones, many many gatherings and loads of festive meet-ups. I just can’t wait to go back to another place i also call my home.

Less than 24 hours… counting down