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good ol friends

20 Aug 2005 on Musing

Anand has come back from London for the hols, so a gathering was initiated in the science canteen yesterday. Sitting at a very strategic position in the science canteen, we were talking total crap from 11 am till 3 plus and every other friend that happened to pass by joined in the crap talk. Villa, Bao, Calvin, Daniel…all joined us one by one. Even Ridz came down all the way from NTU! Janine and calvin are working in NUH as research intern and will be here for a year away from Melbourne Uni.

3 would-be docs, 3 life scientists, 1 neuro-scientist, 1 computer engineer and 1 electrical engineer….how we have changed subtly since JC times, and yet we see no difference. I could see that j9 was already having a medical brain…even computer failures seemed like cardiac arrests to her. Her pimples are gone and she looks prettier! Anand still does not have any trace of that British accent. Anand…the guy that I think I have talked to more on MSN than in life in these 3 years. And guan hong still has interest in my hand phone. Urgh!!! How can I forget when he took my hp inside the toilet and smsed Patrick!!!!!!!! So childish, but I bet he’ll be a more serious doc :) So, for the next couple of years we shall still enjoy being students…and not to mention Daniel, ridz and guan hong just started their uni life!!…Gosh I am their senior!

I really wonder sometimes how much crap we can indulge in just like the good old times…haha!! Looking forward to many more years of friendship…keep in touch pals!!