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Negotiating a great work contract

17 Feb 2007 on Learning

From sound money tips:

  1. Don’t Be Shy
  2. Don’t Get Emotionally Involved
  3. Don’t Get Sucked into the ‘Rules’ Trick
  4. Never Be the First to Name a Figure
  5. Ask for More than You Expect to Get
  6. Let Them Believe the Final Decision Isn’t Yours
  7. Don’t Act Too Interested
  8. Be Fair

and from Paul’s Tips:

  1. Be willing to negotiate in the first place
  2. Don’t get emotionally involved
  3. Don’t get suckered by the “rules” trick
  4. Never be the first person to name a figure
  5. Ask for more than you expect to get
  6. Let them believe the final decision doesn’t rest with you
  7. Don’t act too interested
  8. Don’t leave the other person feeling as if they’ve been cheated