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my weekend in Paris!!!

05 Mar 2008 on Musing

Wheeee!!!! Yes i know i have been that late in updating my paris visit this weekend. It was simply awesome!

I took the TGV down south from the Belgium border to Gare du Nord in Paris. And i just saw and experienced this beautiful city just by walking… walked along the Seine River, attended a rally at Bastille Place, ate my sandwich inside the Palais Louvre, attended the Sunday church service at Notre Dame, walked along the long Champs-Elysees and to the Arc de Triomphe, bunked in a youth hostel with 2 other European gals, saw the gorgeous lighted up Eiffel Tower from Challiot Palace at night… it was simply breath-taking.

Here’s a little video on the sights and seens i saw in Paris… i think i walked around 20km in 2 days! Walking is of course not a problem for me. And walking is Paris is never boring…. every corner holds a story and a gorgeous monument with a little history attached to it. And Parisians are always in smiles…. you’ll never get lost in Paris. There’s always a metro or a bus nearby. And if you are tired… just rest in one of the benches… there are always things to see. I love Paris!!!!!

It’s been barely a week in France for me and I have already visited Paris and discovering the north of France. I have always wanted to travel alone at least once in my life… it’s this thing about quietly watching people go by, the little culture associated with everything I see… i loved my travelling in solitude. And guess what’s the best part? I’m just getting started! Not at all bad for a first timer backpacking in Europe!

I am alone…. but never lonely. Where will this weekend’s journey bring me to?