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My Perception of Beauty

21 Jun 2006 on Musing

Flickr is just amazing. While I was cooped up in my room, the internet was my world and while I couldn’t really stare at the computer screen for long, the images that I saw remained in my mind for much much longer. It was really impressionable and I found 3 people who could catch that certain type of image and turn them into an art piece that really made me reflect.

Antimethod aka Cole. His ability to put some magic of levitation and mystery is simply superb… it reminds me about all the Fauvism, Expressionism and Surrealism. I’m amazed how he puts his photographs as paintings and I read that he actually puts in 8 hours of digital editing behind each of them…. superb. Check out his famous piece – One Would.

Secondly, it’s Ivan from Italy. One thing that really strikes me is how he puts really simple daily things of life into a totally new perspective. Flickrz says “Ivan is further proof that one can make a lot out of nothing with perfect Photoshop and Gimp skills.” I’m really inspired…

To see the world in a grain of sand Or heaven in a wild flower To Hold infinity in the palm of hand Or eternity in an Hour

Can you see the tremendous beauty behind a simple thing?? Ivan has showed me you can… brilliant!

And lastly, it’s Rebbeka from Iceland. Sounds exotic eh! Well, her pictures are even more breath-taking. Kurien first introduced me to her by saying, “She’s my Flickr Goddess”. Well dude, she’s now my Flickr Goddess too. How is it possible that every single image of hers exudes something so deep and something so unexplainable?

I was looking through my list of Flickr Favs and comparing with others. Something struck me – although I would agree that their fav list is also beautiful, but something that really catches my eyes is different. Somehow I felt a singular human or animal form appeals less to me… yes I like it too, but much lesser. Being exposed to so many visuals, I think I have matured and I am more comfortable with pictures that depict violence or nudity… but they do not appeal to me and somehow some have become indifferent to my eyes.

I want to capture pictures with my eyes (camera) and my imagination (photoshop). I am developing a certain type of beauty – abstract, spacious, mysterious and the one that speaks to me…