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my own annual appraisal

14 Jan 2009 on Learning

I thought this article was really good in explaining the way we can review the past year and the year ahead of us. I especailly love the idea of keeping a list of Metrics …

On a separate tab of the spreadsheet, I keep up with a few general metrics from year to year, including these:

  1. New Countries Visited
  2. All Countries Visited
  3. People on Life List
  4. Major projects accomplished
  5. Long-term savings
  6. Income sustainability formula (months)
  7. Creative Works Finished
  8. Blog Readers
  9. Income Streams
  10. Number of Events Hosted in My Home
  11. Days I talk at least 30 minutes with spouse, significant other, or children

yes i like #3 and #11… for the people who are important in our lives :D