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my lazy hols...

17 Jun 2007 on Learning

don’t ask me what i’m doing… i’m slacking big time! I’m supposed to be having a care-free mind enjoying the last bit of my hols… i mean i have just graduated right!! Somehow it ain’t really happening… mind is totally cluttered up with the future thoughts.

Nevertheless, i got havoc friends to bring me around. I finally had a proper evening out at a bar, crossed the Causeway while stopping the entire traffic coming from Singapore to Malaysia because it was ogh’s brilliant idea, went to JB and saw cheap Rolex watches and finally i went to the Vivocity!!! I must be the last person on this island to have visited this place :P The terrace was awesomely hot…

ok i should really enjoy this hols *slaps sweska*… i mean i saw this old man giving out flyers in the scorching sun… think i have a much better luck in this job world and money :(

Something’s gonna be decided in the coming 2 weeks ?!?!?