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my first trekking!

22 May 2007 on Musing

Went for my first trek during the weekend to Gunung Datuk, Tampin, Malaysia. It’s been a fantastic experience and more importantly a memorable one because it’s technically the first time i ventured out to an overseas country… don’t count India and Singapore!! How country bumpkin :P And yes, it’s my official grad trip!

It all started after we reached the Tampin town at 1230pm and we started trek up the hill at 3pm. Like a very cuckoo first time trekker i carried a super heavy backpack all the way up up through the rugged terrain. But we all made it after 3 hours of climbing up huffing and puffing.

My trekking mates were an awesome bunch… upon reaching the summit, we set up 2 tents to sleep on the summit overnight. It was sort of a base near the top of the Gunung Datuk hill. Toilet was in the heavenly bushes and we had a fun time staying overnight with grasshopers and ants. Burning leaches was one of our fav activites :shocked:

Engaged in mid night cooking during a night drizzle. Menu included pasta, chai po with carrot cake, campbell soup, satay chicken + eggs. And it was more delicious with occasional crunchy rocks and dirty finger licking… yummm :P

Woke up late the next day and we caught the morning sky in the summit. The summit is about 5 minutes from the base and we had to climb through ladders and really huge rocks. I was scared, but finally i made it to the top with the camera of course and it was all worth it!! 

And finally we made our climb down through the slippery terrain and like a super extra i fell and sprained and twisted my ankle…. uuuuuh! :P Don’t worry… this just means i’ll go for trekking again and next time i’ll descend without twisting/spraining my ankle.

Yeah!!! Can’t wait to reach one more summit top… and look down from the top and see yet another beautiful world…