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23 Jun 2008 on Learning

What is a modifier? In grammar, a modifier (or qualifier) is a word or sentence element that limits or qualifies another word, a phrase, or a clause.  There are 2 kinds of modifiers are:

  1. adjectives - modify nouns and pronouns
  2. adverbs - modify verbs, adjectives, and adverbs

2 common types of modifier grammar errors are :

  1. misplaced modifiers: results in illogical sentences that are difficult to follow E.g. The lawyer wrote the notes for his client during the meeting.  The lawyer wrote the notes during the meeting for his client. 
  2. dangling modifiers (-ing): illogically connected to the main part of the sentence E.g. Walking through the park, the sun came out. Walking through the park, I saw that the sun came out. 

Some resources:

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  3. Curious case of the misplaced modifers and Bonnie Trenga