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Mid Term Break

20 Feb 2006 on Musing

…and the first day spent in school from 9 am to 7pm for only one module haha! But I’m glad to finally see the joy in their eyes after 1 week at 445pm! It was all because of a 3 line of code!!!! This is debugging! My most nerve-racking semester is gonna go into full swing in a week’s time. My most challenging semester…Because I am taking 3 level 3000 modules Because for the first time I got 5 days a week timetable when I always had 4 days a week timetable Because I have this really challenging project to build a remote controlled amphibious vehicle Because my timetable is totally bad bad bad with 2 days out of 5 days having only an hour lesson Because for the first time I have a 4 hour LONELY break

But hey!! C’mon there are some brighter things to look at…

Because those lonely breaks are not really lonely when from now on you’ll have to spend it with your group mates in lab debugging!

Because it seems that I have given back a glimpse of my dad’s hobby to him. Dad is excited about the RC vehicle project. His hobby was aero-modelling… ok it’s not was because one day I’ll give it back to him. It seems like he sees himself in me when I was making the vehicle… haha! He remarked to me: “Nowadays education is so interesting…your hobby is your study”…bleah. Dad it’s not so interesting when there’s the stress of grading!

Because taking a GEM is a breather. I like taking science GEMS…you just relax and go to lecture understanding everything the prof lectures on and you just enjoy. You can do all the tutorials because you happen to have a little help from a past semester student! Thanks Alvin! And sometimes you just discover more than science, maths and equations…

For example the Euler equation…used it so many times thanks to CC Ko and signals.

But hey let’s re-arrange the equation and what you get is this:

The universe’s 5 most fundamental elements – e, pi, i, 1 and 0. All adds up to absolutely NOTHING… ZERO.

How easily everything adds up to nothing. And yet nothing is everything