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Micro P and Dr. Le

08 Sep 2005 on Musing

For the first time in my life I have been called up soooooo many times in a lecture. Dr. Le has called my name for the 3rd time this semester! First was “Sabani”, second time was “Sajani” and today was correct and interesting as well. He asked me to come to the front of the lecture and play his programmed musical keyboard. I tried playing Do-Re-Me…and it was embarrassingly out of tune thanks to the fact I couldn’t see the keys and so I kept playing F sharp instead of G!!!!So what’s the conclusion?? Micro P assembly programming is interesting and darn mind boggling. I need to buck up because for my major project I need to come up with this very same musical keyboard!!

Wish me luck man…and I shall tell you if I succeed. Anyway I have to because in the end I have to play duet with jazz’s musical keyboard as well…otherwise I’ll get bashed up!