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make up virgin

31 Oct 2007 on Musing

According to bobbi brown, you are a make-up virgin if:

And so what happens when one such make-up virgin does a 100 dollars mega splurge on cosmetics?? Firstly, her mom and her friends becomes excited, ooohhh she finally starts!! And then she sits down with her shopping items… and thinks surely the lip gloss is the easiest. But why on earth is the brush so dry with no lip gloss??

So i started fidgeting until i caught the end turning with a nice clicking sound… i started turning and turning until i had a big blop blop of lip gloss right onto my desk. Okkkaaayyy… so that’s how the lip gloss comes out 8O

Ok enough of my first experimentation… time to get ready for tomorrow… where’s my helmet??? :P