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Lyon (France) intro

05 Apr 2008 on Learning

some links about the 3rd largest city in France… Some general news about lyon

  1. wiki
  2. city’s website
  3. wikitravel
  4. 10 things to do in Lyon
  5. travel to lyon
  6. lyon from lonely planet

Places to see in Lyon

  1. Mt. Fourviere
  2. The Old City
  3. The Gallo-Roman Amphitheater
  4. Musee des Beaux Arts (Fine Arts Museum)
  5. St John’s Cathedral
  6. Parc de la Tete d’Or

Getting around in Lyon

  1. lyon metro map
  2. a wiki of lyon metro
  3. a pdf format  map for tourists
  4. another pdf map for Old Lyon