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lucky in Luxembourg!

30 Apr 2008 on Musing

I have some story to tell about my weekend in Luxembourg City. This city is filled with deep valleys and forts and I spent the morning roaming along the Wenzel Walk high up at the edges of the cliff. And by the time it was afternoon, i went further down into the valley and took my 2 hours of idle thoughts beside the stream. So can you spot where i took the afternoon pic from the morning shot? uuuuuhh… plain bliss strolling up and down the valleys and forts of Luxembourg!

And now, this gets even more exciting… While strolling along Place d’Armes, I saw postcards featuring the Royalty of this country. And little while later, the main church was having celebrations and marching bands. Not forgetting to be both Kaypo and Kiasu, I went straight to the front door of the Church! And guess who i saw!!! I shook the hands of saw the Grand Duke, the Grand Duchess and the Princess!!!!! They were like right beside me… hmmm maybe after all I should have marched up a little more and shook their hands :s Uh well… my first brush with the rich and the famous! *ahem ahem*

Well… this is what i call meeting with the totally unexpected ;)