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Lessons from Singularity Summer

12 Sep 2010 on Learning

A very thoughtful list from Alison:

  1. You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with.
  2. Eating psata with a group of Italians is the best thing for your heart.
  3. Dance even when there is no music and even if you are the only one on the dance floor.
  4. Headphones are the best medicine for ADD.
  5. Believe your going to live forever, but live like you are going to die next week.
  6. Share your fears with friends, they will help you overcome them.
  7. Hug your friends and co-workers daily.
  8. Always have friends that are muscians.
  9. Speak more tha one language.
  10. Let all your energy shine out form your heart when you speak, your passion is what drives others
  11. Say please and thank you even when you are being a bitch
  12. Go to bed when you feel like it
  13. When you have to choose between 2 things, choose both
  14. Think big, and take small steps
  15. Too much energy is a good thing when you are changing the world
  16. Have kids, adopt a kid, or work to help kids. Loving someone more than yourslef is a true gift.
  17. Wear your heart on your sleeve. It may be easily broken, but it’s also easily seen and this easily repaired.
  18. The risk is always worth it.
  19. If you want something bad enough, be willing to do the work.
  20. Be trist-worthy. Trust is a rare and valuable commodity.
  21. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on others, as long as it fits properly.