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Law of Attraction

22 Feb 2007 on Learning

Want to know the secret of getting exactly what you always want?? 

Do you believe in the law of attraction? If you truly focus, believe and visualise about the things you really want, you actually eventually get them! Wow! how wonderful!

Why can’t i have a car? Why can’t i stay in a high rise flat? Why can’t i wear branded clothes? Why can’t i have a balcony? Why can’t i travel back home all the time like all my friends? Why can’t i go for more shopping? Why can’t i have new shoes? Why is my boss is demanding and unreasonable? Why can’t i have more money? Why are people always speaking bad about me? Why is my mother-in-law always talking behind my back? Why are my kids so irritating? Why can’t i have a house?

Well, the law of attraction says that YOU asked for every single minute of unhappiness in your life… we actually attract what we always think about! Read some of the beautiful quotations… and more quotations… and how about a beautiful presentation too?

What we dwell upon is who we become - Oprah Winfrey 

Thoughts become things - Mike Dooley

Your wish is my command ~ genie from Alladin

You create your universe as you go along! ~ Winston Churchill

All that we are are the result of what we have thought ~ Buddha

What you resist, persists

You believe it? I do not know… but it sure feels so good to visualise and believe what i truly want :P In the end, that is the secret of the universe… we attract what we actually want!

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