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Last day of the year…

31 Dec 2006 on Musing

You know what!! My fever seems to always come at the most anti-climatic time :P

It’s about 9pm here and soon all my cousins and relatives will be out together for a countdown and i’ll be bored at home. Keep me company in MSN please! I somehow think i’m not alone… like me there’s uzyn and des. Actually i see 18 friends online. We’ll countdown online! Join me!! Haha! Oh.. how can i forget… my 7 year old cousin will also be at home with me! But still, i’m just slightly sad… i mean the chance to countdown with cousins comes only once in 2 or 3 years and stupid sweska!!

Mentally i’m somehow really energised… not too sad. This has been a really strange mundane year. This was the year in which i think i have cried the most. Maybe my New Year’s Resolution should be like kt too - not to cry :P Somehow these last few days of the year here have made me look forward to the new year with much excitement despite the slight lingering apprehension of last semester and the job world. I hope to do loads of stuff… let’s see what it brings.

I’ll remain an optimist.

Happy New Year to friends and cousins and all my family!!