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04 Feb 2008 on Musing

Suddenly so much mess crops up all at the same time. My passport is in high demand right now at 3 places and there’s simply no time left. And so i ended up spending more and canceling plans here and there and delaying schedules only to wonder if they’ll accept it. Get what i’m driving at? not really… me too…

Guess it’s kinda settled for a while and the way i handled it all amazed me. I think I have changed. If this happened even a few months back, I would have screamed and shouted at all the people on the phone and called up a 100 friends bitching for hours. But instead, I continued to look at what good can come out of this. And i’m still waiting… only because i know things are cooking interestingly well. Ever felt that uncontrollable feeling of bursting out screaming coz you can’t just wait in anticipation to look at the end result?

i feel jittery… oooohhh i can’t wait… patience sweska… patience and keep faith that it’ll all come true really soon ;)