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29 Jul 2005 on Musing

After days of preparing our wonderful 10 minutes power point slide…we were READY to present it to the Corporate Staff yesterday. Jazz and me were so proud of our super-imposed graphics and animations. We wanted to explain our multiple particle tracking project well.yesterday…

……….where are our grahics?!?!?!??!? i gave out a huge burst of laughter…ooooppppss…. then i suddenly realised that Jazz was giving me the look that she wants to bash me up…but what the….ok i hurried to open my laptop. STILL GOT SOOOOOO MANY CROSSES!!!!!!!!!! how?? why??? Everything just HAVE to go wrong when it has to….wonderful….this soooooo reminds me of MNO interview date…hmmmm…i got nothing to say.

We had to re-do the slides when we came back to our room. Let’s see what i’ll blog for my final presentation on Friday. Ok , so Jazz and me are taking EXTRA precautions for this…we emailed our slides to NUS mail, IBN mail, gmail, hard disk, 2 laptops…and we won’t shut down our laptop on the final day and we’ll use our laptop to present…….super kan cheong already!

On a lighter note…today was a bit different. There was open house for South Zone Schools and parents at night…it’s been long since i did ushering. The quiet corridors of Nanos became noisy with the chatters of secondary school pupils and later at night by the parents. The dinner was great too…came back late at 10:30pm…phew …and now all set for the weekend rest. One more week to go before school opens!