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inserting Google Maps in webpage (easy way)

28 Oct 2007 on Learning

here’s how to embed it in a really easy manner…

  1. Create your own *. kml/ *. kmz Google map file in your desktop Google Earth
  2. Login to Google Earth Community
  3. Create a thread of your own to upload the created kml / kmz file eg. mine!
  4. Click -> View in Google Maps and it’ll take you to another web page ( mine)
  5. Click -> Link to this page -> Paste HTML to embed in website
  6. cut and paste the code :P
  7. and the result…. have fun navigating right here! i totally love the interactivity

Now, why do i say it’s the easy way?? Coz we just need to cut and paste the code

here’s some other links to do it in other ways… and i really gotta learn to with the APIs and javascript to do it the ‘harder’ or more interesting way!

  1. Embed google my maps
  2. dr2000
  3. digital geography
  4. Google Maps API
  5. google mapplets