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08 Dec 2006 on Musing

Tertiary education is teaching me one thing in a big way - indifference.

I really cannot believe my attitude in this final year.. or rather for some of us. I go for exams doing half the questions correctly and we come out feeling completely normal and not even worried. For the first time i didn’t even rejoice when the exam finally ended! Now, we know we have to do our FYP presentations and reports and we are not even starting them… we have become so lazy. The best part is that we know we have a lot to do and yet we are least bit worried and we are doing simply nothing.

Maybe it’s because as jas says… our CAP has already gone into a critical damping system or maybe we all are just sian of exams and stuff. Whatever it is, i think we all need a change. A change for something worse to come - working life. It is tempting us in a weird way despite knowing we would kiss our happy-no-worries-student-life good bye!

Is this the final year syndrome? Kudos to student life sweska… enjoy it while you can! And start your ppt now!!