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i'm a bookworm!!!

23 Jul 2007 on Musing

ok! i confess i have indeed become a true bookworm - carrying a book in my bag every time! The counter reads 41 books currently and it kinda reminded me of another bookworm i used to admire - Belle, the Disney princess…

I remember she wanted to own a huge library… i wanted that too. But somehow, over these few months, i’m wondering if i even need a personal home library. I mean there’s great public library and eBooks on the net. And i know at least 10 adults who confessed that they spend on books but never read them! Personal home libraries takes up space and more importantly how many time will we actually read a book more than twice or thrice?

Isn’t it contradictory that i don’t wanna own a personal home library when i’m indeed finally a bookworm?? Oh well… at least i’m getting the hang of the true spirit of reading - enjoyment and a curiousity for a greater expanse of knowledge :P