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I shall stop here!!!

20 Oct 2005 on Musing

i’m offically DONE playing the piano….NO MORE!!There are basic features and extra features which you can implement and for the extra features you can just go on and on and on… record song, graphics, long note, short note…blah blah. And looking around it seems that implementing these extra features have now become the BASIC requirement… urgh!!!!!!

I have learnt somethings very irritating about assembly language…

  1. why must they have the relative jumps?!?!??!? I have to go on creating temporary ones to remove the errors…LONG LIST OF ERRORS!!
  2. why can’t the labels for procedures be local ?!??!….hmmm or maybe we CAN do that and i do not know

nvm… i shall STOP here now that i finally have no errors…phew!! But well…in all it was such a ‘pleasant experience’ reliving those childhood days when we used to play the toy piano and wondered how the sound came out…and the fascination continues !!!