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I love the little things

05 Nov 2005 on Musing

Firstly, I HATE court shoes!!!… why on earth must we wear this painful, ever-scratching, skin peeling, making-red-skin shoes for formal presentations?!?!

For the past few days I was having a bit of distractions. This little voice beside me wanted to play and talk. Yesterday this little voice kept pestering me… when I turned around I saw this….aaaaaaaawwwwwwww she melted my heart. My little 6 year old cousin. Isn’t she cute?? She’s the last of my generation because after that is the starting of the nieces and nephews!

Let me also declare my utmost love for my gal group. Memories shared with them…I’ll never forget. We had lots of fun pigging out until the late nights camping in E1 classrooms, arguing our thoughts and having endless discussions with ideas flowing here and there. I am very proud of them and what we created after hard work. Hope it pays off soon! It’s not easy to work with 8 people in a group bit still I think we have a great team dynamics and i learnt a lot from them. And yes thank you for listening to my comments and ramblings about anything and everything and those annoying debatable ramblings!! I guess when we go through a hurdle together it makes our friendship even stronger…

And here is a glimpse of the beautiful evenings spent with them in E1…