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hopping around again!

21 May 2008 on Musing

Gazillion things happened for the past few weeks. I was traveling again but this time my parents were here and we must have done almost all the touristy things possible in France, Holland and Belgium!  But it was really really good… you know places and things are touristy for a reason ;) We saw immensely beautiful things right from history to nature to culture. More importantly, we had our long awaited family holiday because the last one was 15 years back when I was not even a teenager!

In short: Mission Accomplished. Yes, even though this is my first time in Europe or traveling entirely on my own, I did manage to figure things out and even bring my parents here. Hurraaayyy!!!! And now it looks like it’s almost time to go home as well, isn’t it?

Here are some shots from that DSLR, our newest family gadget :D