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Hooked onto Feeds

07 Jun 2006 on Musing

Warning: Tech-savvy pals please don’t laugh, but I know you guys will help me out more  :D

Ok so I have finally discovered what is RSS or Feeds. I shall try my best to explain from a novice point of view because this is really useful in saving time and surfing the net in a smart way.

Question I have 30+ blogs / news pages to read, but it’s really troublesome clicking each and every page just to see if there’s a new content since I last checked.  Isn’t there a smart way of telling me exactly which sites have been updated since my last visit??

Answer You subscribe to the feeds of those sites you want to read. Next time you check this list of site feeds, only the pages that have new contents will be highlighted in bold. Voila!! Such a time-saver!

So how to subscribe to a site feed?? There are 2 ways (to my knowledge): Feed Readers + Web Browsers

Feed Reader Bloglines is a good one. You open a free account and go to the url of the site you want. They’ll automatically detect the site feed of the page (if there’s a site feed) and ask you to subscribe to it. Next time when you login the updated site feed names will be highlighted in bold.

But I feel a web browser is even better. It’s like looking through the list of Favorites and only those that are updated since your last visit are highlighted in bold. So far, I have tried Opera and IE7 Beta 2. I like IE… so well, now all I have to do is click the feed list when it glows and click on only the bold names and all I see is new contents!

Today, not all pages have site feeds. Usually blogs and news pages have. But I think the future trend is having feeds for every sites because all sites do get updated in one way right??

Hope i explained in a simple way… did i miss out anything??

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