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what?? again...

25 Jan 2008 on Musing

this is freaking hilarious…

why it is that every time my lady boss seem to have the exact same birthday with me??? Just like my undergrad internship, now my Project Manager also has the same birth date as moi… so i ran up to her the other day and wished her an advanced happy birthday and of course asked her to wish me too :P We shook our hands tightly with a big fat grin. i just had to sms jazz about this!

on another note - Thank you for all your smses friends and yes i did get a few missed calls as well. I was underground getting all sweaty and dirty as usual. It’s nice to know we are all remembered even after we have left school. And, right now there’s this bunch of roses on my table from a very special person… thanks mom!!!

I think i’m at the best moment in life… Youth and freedom coupled together, it’s the best age. I’m sure gals born on 24 january are meant to be :D